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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Missing define subdirectory
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2011 08:50:16 GMT
The define directories are only built when there is something in them.
 As of some time ago, there are no existing connectors that require
them any longer, but the build scripts and run scripts still handle
them if they exist.

ManifoldCF does not only consist of a set of web applications, but
also the agents process.  It sounds like you did not start the agents
process, which is why nothing seems to be working for you.  How to do
this in a multi-process setup is all described fully in
It sounds like you should be starting here:

In the multiprocess setup, be careful to not skip the setup of a
synchronization directory.

Please let me know whether this helps.

On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 10:48 PM, Mark Moloney <> wrote:
> The define subdirectory under dist/web is missing and cannot be found in the
> source. Therefore I am also missing the relevant -D switches for Tomcat
> installation. I figured I at least needed
> "-Dorg.apache.manifoldcf.configfile" to point to the path of the properties
> file.
> Perhaps a missing -D switch is the cause of a job getting stuck. I set up
> using Postgresql and Tomcat, and ran the various commands to initialize the
> database. When I configure a job using the Null output connector and the
> File System Repository, the job gets stuck on "Starting up". Attempts to
> abort the job then has it stuck on "Aborting". Restarting Tomcat doesn't
> make the job unstuck. Attempts to delete the job fail because the job hasn't
> aborted.
> I'm testing on a small directory. The same setup worked find using the
> example configuration with the built in Jetty and Derby.
> Thank you for any assistance.
> Mark

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