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From Markus Schuch <>
Subject Log Framework Zoo
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2019 13:35:36 GMT

currently we have

  *   log4j-1.2.17.jar (Log4j 1 API & Impl)
  *   log4j-1.2-api-2.4.1.jar (Log4j 1 API to Log4j 2 Adapter)
  *   log4j-api-2.4.1.jar (Log4j 2 API)
  *   log4j-core-2.4.1.jar (Log4j 2 Impl)
  *   commons-logging-1.2.jar (Commons Logging API)
  *   jcl-over-slf4j-1.7.25.jar (Replacement for Commons Logging with SLF4j in the stomach)
  *   slf4j-api-1.7.25.jar (SLF4J API)
  *   slf4j-simple-1.7.25.jar (Simple SLF4J Impl)

on our Classpath.

I see the following problems:

  *   Having both log4j-1.2.x.jar and log4j-1.2-api-2.x.jar is kind of classloader roulette
since both JARs contain the log4j 1.2 API packages and classes with different implementation
  *   The same goes for commons-logging and jcl-over-slf4j
  *   Log statements from SLF4J are logged with a different logger, that everything else

I would suggest to (without having tried to compile it)

  *   remove log4j-1.2.17.jar
  *   remove commons-logging-1.2.jar
  *   remove slf4j-simple-1.7.25.jar
  *   add log4j-slf4j-impl-2.4.1.jar (as replacement for slf4j-simple)

But may be there are other historic reasons for having all those JARs around.

Has somebody more insights on that?

Many thanks in advance,


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