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From Kishore Kumar <>
Subject RE: Apache CXF question
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2019 19:27:55 GMT
Hi Karl,

Good morning, I have shared you a Dropbox shared folder with OpenText Content Server Web Service

If you have not received the link from Dropbox in your inbox, check in Spam or let me know.

Kishore Kumar

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From: Karl Wright <> 
Sent: 01 February 2019 05:48
To: dev <>; Rafa Haro <>
Subject: Apache CXF question

I'm still working on the new OpenText connector, now using Apache CXF to handle the web services
piece.  I've never worked with this package before, but I've got the WSDLs generating what
looks like usable java classes representing the WSDL interfaces.  But the underlying transport
is mysterious given what is generated.  So, two questions:

(1) It doesn't appear to me like explicit generation of classes from the XSD are needed here.
 It looks like CXF does that too.  Am I wrong?
(2) I want the transport to go via an HttpComponents/HttpClient HttpClient object that I create
and initialize myself.  How can I set that up?  If anyone on this list has a few snippets
of code they can share it would be great.

Thanks in advance,
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