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From: Nikita Ahuja <nikita@smartshore.nl>
Date: Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 12:19 PM
Subject: Problem in fetching the access tokens from Active Directory in Elastic Search index for FileSystem Connector
To: user@manifoldcf.apache.org


I am using ManifoldCF 2.8.1 and trying to access the files from FileShare configured with the Active Directory and get the data in elastic search index.

 For this steps followed are:

  • An Authority Group is created under which Authority Connection and Repository connection are created.

Inline image 3
  • And the elastic search is created as an Output Connector and a job is created for the connection in which a transformation and metadata connector is also linked in the  
  • Which is giving all the output except the access token values. 
  • Inline image 1

Please guide to take appropriate steps for it so that I can get the access tokens in the elastic search index. Hoping for the solution asap.

Thanks and Regards,