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From Tomoko Uchida <>
Subject SQLException "value too long for type character varying(64)" while deleting documents
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 01:44:29 GMT
Hello developers,

I have sent same message to the user mailing list but there are no
reply. Could anyone help me?
Some jobs in our customer production environment no longer cannot be
deleted for this problem.

We are looking for solutions to delete the jobs safely.
If my question was not clear, I am ready to provide more detailed explanation.


I encountered an SQLException when I deleted a job with many output connections.

ERROR 2016-06-02 09:41:49,492 (Document delete thread '9') - Document
delete thread aborting and restarting due to database connection
reset: Database exception: SQLException doing query (22001): ERROR:
value too long for type character varying(64)

I've found that the error occurred because of ManifoldCF trying to
insert long string (more than 64 characters) to 'activitytype' column
of 'repohistory' table while deleting documents associated with the

For a trial, I altered 'activitytype' column type to 'text' by this

ALTER TABLE repohistory ALTER COLUMN activitytype TYPE text;

After altering the table I restarted ManifoldCF then the deletion
histories was successfully added and the job seemed to be safely

Inserted 'activitytype' values are like this:
document deletion (outputA)  (outputB)  (outputC) (outputD) (outputE) ...

For application requirements, I cannot limit the number of output
connectors (to shorten history records.)

Is that OK? Or there are good solutions for that?

Thank you in advance,

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