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From Shinichiro Abe <>
Subject Re: Anyone have anything specific that theyd like FranceLabs to cover during their Lucene/Solr presentation?
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2015 00:56:31 GMT
I don't have any messages about mcf at this time,
but I'll attend there next week,
so if I'd meet him, I'll watch his session though,
I'd like to talk with him.   

Shinichiro Abe

> 2015/10/09 7:25、Karl Wright <> のメール:
> Hi all,
> I received this email not long ago:
> I work for FranceLabs, which is a small company that have two activities
> linked to search. We offer consulting on open source search technologies
> (such as Solr/ES) and related project (such as ManifoldCF). We also develop
> a software, Datafari, which is an open source apache licensed intranet
> search solution, based on Solr and ManifoldCF.
> We submitted a talk on the integration between Solr and ManifoldCF to the
> next Lucene Revolution.
> Our talk will be quite simple and address the following topics:
> - Global presentation of MCF
> - Description of a scenario of crawling File share with ACLs
> I send you an email because I wanted to know if there is a specific message
> that you want us to transmit to the community (for example if you have any
> announcement, call for contributions, or point of the roadmap that you want
> to communicate on).
> Anyway, thank you for all the work you do on ManifoldCF : it is really a
> great tool that helps us a lot with our intranet use cases.
> <<<<<<
> If anyone has any comments, I'd be happy to respond to them accordingly.
> Thanks,
> Karl

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