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From Shinichiro Abe <>
Subject MCF 2.x binary package directory structure
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2014 17:31:07 GMT
Hi dev,

Currently top folders in dist are too many, I think.
Do you want to gather folders per roles?
I'd like to change MCF dist directory.
for instance:

  L documentum-registry-process
  L documentum-server-process
  L filenet-registry-process
  L filenet-registry-process

  L connector-lib
  L connector-lib-proprietary
  L connectors.xml
  L connectors-proprietary.xml


  L lib
  L lib-proprietary

  L elasticsearch-integration
  L meridio-integration
  L sharepoint-integration
  L solr-integration

  L multiprocess-file-example
  L multiprocess-file-example-proprietary
  L multiprocess-zk-example
  L multiprocess-zk-example-proprietary

  L example
  L example-proprietary


 L web
 L web-proprietary

README.txt etc

My points are:
1. connector-specific-processes and plugins should not be top dir.
Specific users only will use them.
2. It is better to separate Jetty base and multi process dirs, new MCF
users will be aware of the role of process when unzipping binary
3. I think we may remove start.jar and replace it with
because build.xml in framework is currently too long to include class
paths in lib. Also, jar files name in lib should have version, we
could not know one unless opening build.xml from source package.
4. If we don't remove start.jar, in process-single directory we can
create lib dir(for jetty jars), lib/ext dir(for logger jars), resource
dir(for logging.ini) and etc dir(for jetty.xml). Then we could upgrade
Jetty, customize configuration, and use arguments which start.jar has
e.g STOP.KEY, STOP.PORT --stop etc.

Shinichiro Abe

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