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From Erlend GarĂ¥sen <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache ManifoldCF 1.5, RC7
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 15:51:13 GMT
On 06.02.14 15:53, Karl Wright wrote:
> Hi Erlend,
> Please go into the Simple History, and change the start time of the query
> to be one day earlier than the default.  By default, Simple History only
> reports the last hour's worth of events.

Then it only displays the crawl which completed tonight before I did the 
upgrade of MCF.

If Solr is indexing the documents, you should also see the entries in 
simple history. I changed the start time to four hours earlier than the 
default which should catch the Solr activity.

The query I posted seems to include an old start time (3rd of Feb) and 
that's the reason why pgAdmin displays a result set. At that time, I 
reindexed Solr prior to the MCF upgrade.

If I'm re-ingesting all documents and start the job, see activity in 
both our Solr log and in manifoldcf.log ("Decided to ingest...") . And 
if I continuously refreshing the simple history window, all I can see is 
fetching activities (and "job start" etc).

For some odd reason, '"document ingest (Solr)"' as an activity type does 
not seem to be added to my repohistory table after I did the upgrade.

Take a look at this query:
select count(*) from repohistory where owner='Web' AND starttime> 
1391691978799 and activitytype = 'fetch'
==> 141.
(This is everything from 1:06 pm until now.)

But then take a look at this one:
select starttime, activitytype from repohistory where owner='Web' AND 
starttime> 1391691978799 and activitytype <> 'fetch'
1391693068680;"job stop"
1391693560219;"job start"
1391693602432;"robots parse"
1391694720907;"job stop"
1391694830347;"job start"
1391694870310;"job stop"
1391695481359;"job continue"
1391695518007;"robots parse"
1391696593141;"job end"

I can try to debug more tomorrow.


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