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From Erlend GarĂ¥sen <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache ManifoldCF 1.5, RC7
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 09:46:16 GMT

We're still having problems with this release on our test server. It 
runs stable and does not hang anymore, but nothing gets sent to Solr. 
Since there was a problem with the SSL certificate in previous RCs, 
maybe there is a similar problem related to the Solr Output Connector? 
We have configured the same certificate in order to post documents to Solr.

I get entries like this in manifoldcf.log which indicates that documents 
should be indexed, but they aren't:
DEBUG 2014-02-06 10:28:06,609 (Worker thread '29') - WEB: Decided to 
ingest ''

In Simple history, only fetch activities are shown. Any suggestions how 
to debug what's really going on? I can try to turn on debug logging for 
Httpclient in case that helps.


On 2/4/14 1:33 PM, Karl Wright wrote:
> This is a major release of ManifoldCF that includes the following:
> - Federated authority support
> - Multiple authorization domains
> - ZooKeeper process coordination
> - Multiple agents processes
> - Support for SharePoint Claims-based authorization
> - An Email connector
> - A revamped look-and-feel
> Voting will remain open for 3 days.
> You can download the artifacts from
> .  There is also a
> release tag at
> .
> This RC includes changes to the dist directory organization so that jar
> files are not duplicated, saving 40MB from each binary download.  It also
> fixes an issue with connection limits in the zookeeper example.  Finally,
> it fixes a limitation in the CMIS connector (CONNECTORS-864) and a maven
> build problem (CONNECTORS-865).  Also fixes CONNECTORS-866 (the lockclean
> script), and two more Maven version issues.  Finally, corrects a LiveLink
> connector reversion described in CONNECTORS-871.  Missing SolrJ
> dependencies in CONNECTORS-873.  Workaround for SolrJ runtime exception
> being thrown in CONNECTORS-874.  Throttling lockup dealt with, improved,
> and tested in CONNECTORS-872.
> Karl

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