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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Proposed July board report
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 22:48:52 GMT
... is attached.  It is due July 11th.  I get back from vacation on
July 8th.  If anyone thinks there should be modifications, please post
before that date.



[REPORT] ManifoldCF

Board Report, ManifoldCF PMC

ManifoldCF PMC Chair: Karl Wright (
Date: July 2012

Project description

ManifoldCF is an effort to provide an open source framework for connecting
source content repositories like Microsoft Sharepoint and EMC Documentum,
to target repositories or indexes, such as Apache Solr , OpenSearchServer
or ElasticSearch. ManifoldCF also defines a security model for target
that permits them to enforce source-repository security policies.


ManifoldCF graduated from the Apache Incubator on May 16, 2012, one day after
the latest major release on May 15, 2012.  Since then, there has been
a limited point
release as well (on May 22, 2012), and the next major software release
is planned for
the first two weeks of July.

Mailing list activity

The mailing lists have been relatively quiet for the latter part of
June. Vacation
time has started in Europe and this has reduced MCF's dev and user
list activity, as
it always does.

There has been some activity following up on the SharePoint 2010 issues and the
session-based web crawling.  Also, dev list discussion has taken place
about how to
store exported configuration information securely, and invaluable testing
contributions made by certain individuals who work for qBase, Inc.,
who donated their
time to this endeavor to further the project.
I am unaware of any mailing-list question that has gone unanswered.

Committer and PMC membership

The last new committer signed on was in February, 2012.  Since then we've had
a number of offers for contribution from outside the community but insufficient
demonstrated commitment to offer committership or PMC membership to any
individual.  We are actively working to have a broader committer base,
as always,
and try to maintain an encouraging attitude towards new contributors.


We are aware of no current violations of the Apache ManifoldCF brand.


The only outstanding legal issue we had pertained to how we interface to .NET
services.  The ticket was LEGAL-137, which has now been resolved.  As a result,
ManifoldCF trunk code has been updated accordingly.


All infrastructure issues related to graduation have been
satisfactorally resolved.
The build and release process has been successfully updated
(CONNECTORS-474) to take
into account Apache requirements for availability of proprietary
software to release
We are no longer using any Incubator resources.

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