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From Piergiorgio Lucidi <>
Subject Re: Release time is upon us once again
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 08:29:40 GMT
Hi Karl,

Il 14 marzo 2012 00:44, Karl Wright <> ha scritto:
> Hi fellow developers,
> Our next release date is rapidly approaching.  We've been releasing a
> version of ManifoldCF at roughly the end of every quarter for a year
> now, and March 31 is a bit over two weeks away.
> There are currently three outstanding 0.5-incubating bugs.  Two are
> Japanese localization tickets, and one is for the new Elastic Search
> connector.  The latter is unassigned.  Please finish these up as
> quickly as possible!

I'll try to work on this last issue during these days and I'll let you
know the progress commenting on JIRA ;)

> Finally, I've been the Release Manager for all four releases up until
> now.  Does anyone want to volunteer to be Release Manager for
> 0.5-incubating?  I'd be happy to provide assistance and check in all
> of my Windows-based scripts.
> Karl

Piergiorgio Lucidi

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