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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Internationalization issues
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 03:20:05 GMT
Upgrading jars is fine as long as the licenses are compatible with
Apache policy for redistribution.  Can you be more specific?

No problem modifying the web.xml and build.xml, although we do also
have to keep the maven build (pom.xml) working too.

General status on multilingual support is that we've not spent any
significant time on it, certainly not any time to "make it right".
While jsp's and connector code can be made to refer to resources
(which is a lot of work but will have to be done someday), the biggest
problem in my view is that exceptions in theory also need to be
multilingual since they get reported as part of a connection's status
in the UI.  But we can start with the low-hanging fruit if you like,
and ignore exception localization for now.

Also, we never got the attachment; I don't think you can post any to
the mailing list.  It's better to open a Jira ticket; you can just
attach a screenshot to that.


2011/12/6 Hitoshi Ozawa <>:
> I'm creating a new thread from the "Re: Export crawled URLs" thread in
> the user mailing list.
> I've upgraded some of the lib *.jar files to make jstl fmt tags work and
> modified the web.xml and build.xml files as well to include the fmt settings
> and language properties files.
> Wondering what the projects' status and stance are on these issues.
> p.s. attached a screenshot of Japanese ui screen.
> Regards,
> H.Ozawa

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