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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: Delivery of source of integration packages for 0.4-incubating
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2011 16:09:06 GMT
Your understanding is correct, and if I can find no better solution I
will move the package to Google Code.  I've contacted the guy who
might be able to help, but no response so far.


On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 10:44 AM, Jukka Zitting <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 3:14 PM, Karl Wright <> wrote:
>> Essentially, this is a relatively minor piece of the whole Meridio
>> connector puzzle.  In my view it would be unfortunate to discard the
>> rest of the puzzle because we did not have source for that one piece.
>> If Apache found that problematic, it could easily be checked in under
>> googlecode or some such, with a reference.  What is Apache's position
>> regarding that kind of solution?
> IIUC we're talking about an extra service that needs to be installed
> along with the Meridio server being accessed.
> We could treat that as a system dependency just like we treat Meridio
> itself. The only problem then would be for end users who want to use
> the connector to figure out the licensing terms under which they can
> use this extra component.
> Since we can't distribute it from Apache, it needs to be made
> available from somewhere else preferably with good enough licensing
> documentation. ManifoldCF can then point to that location from the
> connector documentation.
> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

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