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From Karl Wright <>
Subject "Book release"
Date Mon, 02 May 2011 12:59:08 GMT
Once the 0.2-incubating release goes out the door, I'd like to propose
that the next release be considered a ManifoldCF in Action "book
release".  Basically this will mean that we need a release that is
consistent with the examples and explanations in the book, before the
book actually is done.  0.2-incubating does not work for this purpose
because half-a-dozen issues pertaining to the book were detected and
corrected since that release was frozen.  There are still some open
issues that should be addressed before the book release too is frozen.

I'd like people's thoughts on (a) the wisdom of this strategy, and (b)
what release number we should use for it.  My personal feeling is that
it would be great if it was a 1.0-incubating release, but I'm
comfortable with anything really.


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