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From Karl Wright <>
Subject Re: The burning technical issues of the day
Date Thu, 19 May 2011 10:12:00 GMT
Anyone one with time and some experience with this tool is welcome to
go ahead and explore, as far as I am concerned.

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 4:57 AM, Tommaso Teofili
<> wrote:
> 2011/5/17 Koji Sekiguchi <>
>> I've been thinking mock for unit test, too.
>> Does anyone know there are any projects that connect proprietary software
>> in Apache? We can consult them, if any.
>> Tommaso, do you know Alchemy Annotator uses mock for the test in UIMA?
> Yes, I wrote it :-)
> That is a basic mocking as there is a clear API for the
> alchemyapi.comwebservice and I only wrote an implementation returning
> a predefined XML
> response, so nothing special actually. In the past I remember I used
> Selenium [1] to write mocked integration tests while writing a proxy but I
> remember that was hard to maintain in a changing environment.
> Let's keep the discussion and ideas flow :-)
> Tommaso
> [1] :
>> Koji
>> --
>> (11/05/17 22:10), Tommaso Teofili wrote:
>>> Hello Karl,
>>> thanks so much again for the warm welcome and for these insights.
>>> I agree with you that testability is a major concern we need to engage and
>>> get sorted.
>>> One thing I think right now is that having tests rely on a testing
>>> infrastructure would possibly expose ManifoldCF to this issue again in
>>> case
>>> of maintenance, versions evolution and so on therefore, although I still
>>> have to investigate if that can be sorted technically for the supported
>>> systems, my "design time" opinion is that we should try to mock those
>>> systems.
>>> Did you try to mock any of them yet? Does this sound good/bad to you?
>>> Regards,
>>> Tommaso
>>> 2011/5/17 Karl Wright<>
>>>  For those who have just entered the ManifoldCF project, I'd like to
>>>> first extend my congratulations once again!
>>>> You are probably still trying to figure out exactly what's going on
>>>> and where we are going.  Unfortunately, this being Apache, I cannot
>>>> actually answer your question, because you are part of the process
>>>> now, and you will now be able to act on your own ideas and goals for
>>>> the project.  But in the interests of planning and consensus building,
>>>> I'd like to share my thoughts as to what I think are the major
>>>> technical issues the project faces.
>>>> The first and foremost issue is one of testability.  ManifoldCF is
>>>> unique in that every connector requires a system to test against.  In
>>>> some cases this is a proprietary system, such as Documentum or
>>>> LiveLink.  In other cases, it's a large number of web servers.
>>>> When MetaCarta developed the project in the first place, we had a
>>>> stable of VMs against which our tests worked.  They had proprietary
>>>> software installed in some cases, or some Apache hackery to emulate a
>>>> large number of individual web sites.  When MetaCarta assets were sold
>>>> to qBase, those assets included those VMs.  We desperately need
>>>> something like this again.  I've tried to get access to the old
>>>> MetaCarta VM's, but qBase has not yet granted this, and may never
>>>> grant it due to ongoing technical reasons.
>>>> Given this, it seems that we need some way of doing the same thing.
>>>> It would be great to hear your ideas, especially if you have access to
>>>> any of the proprietary systems we support and would be willing to set
>>>> up and maintain testing infrastructure.
>>>> Again, welcome to our new committers and new mentor!
>>>> Karl

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