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From Farzad Valad <>
Subject Logging Hierarchy
Date Thu, 26 May 2011 21:33:07 GMT
I'm still a bit confused about the relationship of the logging levels 
defined in logging.ini file vs properties.xml.  Just a second ago I 
couldn't get a single line, finally put everything at DEBUG for sanity 

All I want is INFO level for connectors and WARN throughout the rest.  I 
thought if I set the logging.ini rootAppender to WARN and just the 
connectors subsystem to INFO should do it.  I guess I don't understand 
it like I should.  Thoughts?

I even have this statement in the constructor of my connector that 
doesn't print, Logging.connectors.log(Level.ALL, "DupFinder Version 1.0.0");


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