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Subject [CONF] Apache Connectors Framework > FAQ
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 06:54:00 GMT
Space: Apache Connectors Framework (
Page: FAQ (

Comment added by Karl Wright:

I just clarified the "how-to-build-and-deploy.html" page this past week to spell this out
more clearly.  Specifically, you need a -D switch when you start Tomcat to tell it where to
find the properties.xml file.  Second, for running a command, there's a script called
or executecommand.bat that accepts the command class name and command arguments.

The symptom you are seeing is not consistent with a not-running agents process, I'm afraid.
 It sounds like something else, maybe a misconfigured synchronization directory.

In reply to a comment by Farzad:
Judging by some of the recent posts, there seems to be an interest in figuring out how to
run ManifoldCF in Eclipse.  Well I'm going to do just that, got tried of debugging with print
statements :)

My questions have to do with running ManifoldCF outside the example dir (Jetty).  When I deploy
the war files in Tomcat it and try to bring up the Manifold UI, it complains about a missing
"C:\lcf\properties.xml" file.  First off, why is it looking in C:\lcf, is that a parm somewhere?
 All I did was drop the three war file into the webapps dir.

Secondly, when I created the lcf dir and copied the properties.xml file along with connectors.xml
and the connector jar files, the UI main page comes up.  When I click on "List Output Connections",
it takes a long time, then it comes back with a page that has the title bar on top reading
"Document Ingestion" and blank page down below.  I think this has to do with the agent process
not running, I could not figure out the exact steps to run it.  I'm on a windows platform,
when you say run command "org.apache.manifoldcf.agents.AgentRun", what does that mean?  I'm
at a command prompt, looking at the directoy content where I see "example, lib, processes,
and web".

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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