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Subject [CONF] Apache Connectors Framework > FAQ
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 00:30:00 GMT
Space: Apache Connectors Framework (
Page: FAQ (

Comment added by Nicolas Max:

I am interested by ManifoldCF framework internals. I read Lucene in action, and Tika in action.
I hope the book will be like these 2. 

In reply to a comment by Karl Wright:
There's quite a bit of online documentation for both Java and JSP.  A judicious online search
will find you a lot of resources.  There are also numerous books, such as "Java in a Nutshell",
and no doubt similarly concise books on JSP.

As far as ManifoldCF is concerned, have you looked at the online documentation?  There's quite
a bit there:

If you are mainly interested in the ManifoldCF framework internals, there's a book coming
out, from Manning Publishing, called ManifoldCF in Action.  Early parts of the book should
be available soon for a reasonable fee via the Manning Early Access Program.  I cannot say
precisely when this will appear, but it could be in as little as two weeks.


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