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Subject [CONF] Apache Connectors Framework > Updating the Website
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 08:59:00 GMT
Space: Apache Connectors Framework (
Page: Updating the Website (

Edited by Karl Wright:
h1. How To Update The ManifoldCF Website

(*NOTE:* _You need committer rights to modify the Website._)

# Install ant.
# Install an svn client.
# Make sure you have write permissions on the directory where Apache Forrest will be checked
out and installed, the first time your run Forrest it will attempt to create a plug-ins directory
and download several plug-ins.
# Check out the current trunk version of Apache Forrest: {code}svn co
# Change to the main build area: {code}cd forrest/main{code}
# Build forrest: {code}build{code}
# Follow the instructions the build gives you to complete the Forrest installation
# Checkout the ManifoldCF site code [].
# Change directory to where it was checked out.
# Run forrest to build current version of documentation to make sure that Forrest was correctly
installed. The generated site will be in ./build/site/.
# Make your desired website changes to the source files in ./src/ and regenerate the site
with forrest.
# Run "forrest run" and browse to http://localhost:8888 to review the changes. You should
be able to modify the source documents and hit reload on your browser without rebuilding the

When you are satisfied with your changes, and want to push them out to the main site mirror,
do the following:

# Commit your changes to trunk.
# Regenerate the site with forrest by running "forrest site".
# Check out the site mirror into a different workarea [].
# *(recursively) copy ./build/site/\* to <your_new_area>/publish.
# Make sure all new files in the publish area have been svn added to the publish area, and
remove any that have gone away.
# Commit your changes to site.
# The site will automatically be exported from svn by a script running in Grant's crontab
on p.a.o on a nightly basis:
        04 4 * * * /home/gsingers/bin/ > /home/gsingers/bin/lcf.log 2>&1

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