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Subject [CONF] Apache Connectors Framework > Index
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2010 18:33:00 GMT
Space: Apache Connectors Framework (
Page: Index (

Edited by Karl Wright:
h1. Intro
This is the home of the ManifoldCF project (formerly Apache/Lucene Connectors Framework).

To help you on your way, we've inserted some of our favourite macros on this home page. As
you start creating pages, adding news items and commenting you'll see the macros below fill
up with all the activity in your space. 

h1. Documentation

* [Included Connectors|SupportedConnectors]
* [ManifoldCF concepts]
* [How to Build and Deploy ManifoldCF]
* [How to Write an Output Connector]
* [How to Write an Authority Connector]
* [How to Write a Repository Connector]
* [Programmatic Operation of ManifoldCF]
* [Debugging Connections]

h1. Community

* [FAQ]
* [HowToContribute]
* [HowToBecomeACommitter]
* [IssueTracker|]
* [MailingListArchives|]
* [Logo Criteria]
* [Possible Logos]
* [Original Incubator Proposal|]

h1. Committer Resources

* [Updating the Website]
* [Maven Dependencies]

h1. Other

h2. Navigate space

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