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Subject [CONF] Apache Connectors Framework > How to Build and Deploy ManifoldCF
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 18:46:00 GMT
Space: Apache Connectors Framework (
Page: How to Build and Deploy ManifoldCF (

Comment added by Karl Wright:

The code is not executing inside transaction at this point, so it is puzzling how Derby could
wind up throwing persistent locks across statements, which is what you need to do to cause
deadlock to occur.  The only possibility I can think of is that there's a bug in
the ManifoldCF Derby database implementation class that's causing transactions to persist. 
The only other alternative is a bug in Derby itself.

I can find this if it happens enough to trigger the deadlock regularly. How often does this
happen to you?  I have never seen it before myself.

In any case, please do open a Jira ticket, since this is certainly the wrong forum for problems
of this kind.


In reply to a comment by Farzad:
Ran into problem with quick-start and thought I might have better luck if I manually setup
the system. Maybe you can shed a light on the quick-start problem. Here is what happened,
after running start.jar, I went to the crawler UI, configured a null output and a file system
repo connector. Created a job pointing to a file share \\host\share and started the job. After
a few seconds I ran into the error message below in the job status panel. It said 60 docs
found, 9 active, and 52 processed. Any ideas as to why I'm seeing this?

{color:#000000}{*}Error: A lock could not be obtained due to a deadlock, cycle of locks and
waiters is: Lock : ROW, INGESTSTATUS, (1,57) Waiting XID :*{color} {6293, X}{color:#000000}*,
APP, DELETE FROM ingeststatus WHERE urihash=? AND dockey\!=? AND connectionname=? Granted
XID :*{color} {6305, X}{color:#000000}{*}Lock : ROW, INGESTSTATUS, (1,55) Waiting XID :*{color}
{6305, X}{color:#000000}*, APP, INSERT INTO ingeststatus (id,changecount,dockey,lastversion,firstingest,connectionname,authorityname,urihash,lastoutputversion,lastingest,docuri)
VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?) Granted XID :*{color} {6293, X}{color:#000000}*. The selected
victim is XID : 6293.*{color}


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