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Subject [CONF] Lucene Connector Framework > How to Build and Deploy Lucene Connectors Framework
Date Fri, 28 May 2010 11:53:00 GMT
Space: Lucene Connector Framework (
Page: How to Build and Deploy Lucene Connectors Framework (

Comment added by Karl Wright:

If you didn't include any connectors that require defines, that directory won't be generated
at all, I believe.  The connector that generates most defines is the jcifs one, so if you
didn't include that you are getting the expected results. ;-)

In reply to a comment by $action.getUserFullName($parentComment.creatorName):
I checked out the code from [] and ran
a successful build with ant (didn't include any proprietary stuff).
But I can't find a modules/dist/processes/define directory.

Did a miss a step during the installation? Can someone please give me a hint?

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