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Subject svn commit: r919427 - in /incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum: ./ connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/authorities/DCTM/ connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/connectors/DCTM/ interface/org/apache/lcf/crawler/common/DCTM/
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 14:13:51 GMT
Author: kwright
Date: Fri Mar  5 14:13:51 2010
New Revision: 919427

Add doc target to build.xml, and correct all discovered javadoc warnings.


Modified: incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/build.xml
--- incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/build.xml (original)
+++ incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/build.xml Fri Mar  5 14:13:51 2010
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
     <target name="clean">
         <delete dir="build"/>
         <delete dir="dist"/>
+        <delete dir="doc"/>
     <target name="calculate-condition">
@@ -17,11 +18,19 @@
     <target name="precompile-check" depends="calculate-condition" unless="canBuild">
         <echo message="Documentum Connector cannot be built without dfc.jar, dfcbase.jar,
and dctm.jar"/>
+    <target name="doc" depends="precompile-check" if="canBuild">
+        <mkdir dir="doc"/>
+        <javadoc destdir="doc" classpath="lib/servlet-api.jar:lib/jdbcpool-0.99.jar:lib/postgresql.jar:lib/commons-fileupload.jar:lib/serializer.jar:lib/log4j-1.2.jar:lib/commons-logging.jar:lib/commons-httpclient-lcf.jar:lib/lcf-core.jar:lib/lcf-agents.jar:lib/lcf-pull-agent.jar:lib/xml-apis.jar:lib/xalan2.jar:lib/commons-collections.jar:lib/commons-codec.jar:lib/commons-io.jar">
+            <fileset dir="connector" includes="**/*.java"/>
+            <fileset dir="interface" includes="**/*.java"/>
+        </javadoc>
+    </target>
     <target name="compile-interface" depends="precompile-check" if="canBuild">
         <mkdir dir="build/interface/classes"/>
         <javac srcdir="interface" destdir="build/interface/classes" classpath="" target="1.5"

Modified: incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/authorities/DCTM/
--- incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/authorities/DCTM/
+++ incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/authorities/DCTM/
Fri Mar  5 14:13:51 2010
@@ -572,7 +572,7 @@
   /** Obtain the access tokens for a given user name.
-  *@param userName is the user name or identifier.
+  *@param strUserNamePassedIn is the user name or identifier.
   *@return the response tokens (according to the current authority).
   * (Should throws an exception only when a condition cannot be properly described within
the authorization response object.)

Modified: incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/connectors/DCTM/
--- incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/connectors/DCTM/
+++ incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/connector/org/apache/lcf/crawler/connectors/DCTM/
Fri Mar  5 14:13:51 2010
@@ -1208,7 +1208,7 @@
   *@param oldVersions is the corresponding array of version strings that have been saved
for the document identifiers.
   *   A null value indicates that this is a first-time fetch, while an empty string indicates
that the previous document
   *   had an empty version string.
-  *@param activities is the interface this method should use to perform whatever framework
actions are desired.
+  *@param activity is the interface this method should use to perform whatever framework
actions are desired.
   *@param spec is the current document specification for the current job.  If there is a
dependency on this
   * specification, then the version string should include the pertinent data, so that reingestion
will occur
   * when the specification changes.  This is primarily useful for metadata.
@@ -2242,10 +2242,10 @@
   /** Unstuffer for unpacking lists of variable length.
+  *@param output is the object to unpack the list into.
   *@param value is the value to unpack.
   *@param startPosition is the place to start the unpack.
   *@param delimiter is the character to use between values.
-  *@param endChar is the character to use to mark the end.
   *@return the next position beyond the end of the list.
   protected static int unpackList(ArrayList output, String value, int startPosition, char

Modified: incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/interface/org/apache/lcf/crawler/common/DCTM/
--- incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/interface/org/apache/lcf/crawler/common/DCTM/
+++ incubator/lcf/trunk/modules/connectors/documentum/interface/org/apache/lcf/crawler/common/DCTM/
Fri Mar  5 14:13:51 2010
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
   public static final String _rcsid = "@(#)$Id$";
   /** Create a session.
+  *@param docbaseName is the name of the docbase we want to connect to.
   *@param userName is the username to use to establish the session.
   *@param password is the password to use to establish the session.
   *@param domain is the domain to use to establish the session.
@@ -40,8 +41,7 @@
   public void createSession(String docbaseName, String userName, String password, String
     throws DocumentumException, RemoteException;
-  /** Delete a session.
-  *@param sessionID is the session identifier to close and discard.
+  /** Delete the session.
   public void destroySession()
     throws DocumentumException, RemoteException;

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