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Subject [CONF] Lucene Connector Framework > Possible Logos
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 21:32:00 GMT
Space: Lucene Connector Framework (
Page: Possible Logos (

Edited by Lukas Vlcek:
Attached please find some potential logos.  There are two general approaches: one sort of
implies a unifying approach around a central "Lucene" theme, and the other is a standalone
sort.  Right at the moment, there's only an example of the first sort.  Stay tuned...

These would be corresponding Lucene/LCF logos:
!Lucene.jpg|thumbnail! !LCF Central Theme.jpg|thumbnail!

Here's another central-themed LCF logo, based around a bridge:
!LCF Central Theme 2.jpg|thumbnail!

Another modest option:

More classic:

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