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From vawael <>
Subject Current Naive Bayes Java Examples
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2017 12:40:53 GMT


I'm currently trying to get into Mahout in order to get some Naive Bayes 
classification running using Java. Now I'm not sure if I've overlooked 
something, but I wasn't able to find simple examples, which were also 
somewhat current, as I'm also trying to use the latest release (0.12).
The biggest problem seems to be that I should implement everything in 
Java, as most examples and tutorials I've found so far are using the 
Mahout command line interface at least for some steps, e.g. for doing 
the training. I'm not sure why it seems so uncommon to implement 
everything in Java. Is it a bad idea in general or is it just more 
Does maybe anybody know of examples or a book that could help me there?

Just in case it is easier for you to help on an actual problem: 
Currently it seems like I'm stuck on writing the label indexes into the 
file system using the method BayesUtils.writeLabelIndex(), as I'm not 
sure on how to create an object of type Iterable<Pair<Text, 
IntWritable>>, but I'm afraid this won't be the last problem I'll get 
stuck on without a good example.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

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