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From Gruszowska Natalia <>
Subject itemsimilarity - maxPrefs parameter
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2014 14:18:26 GMT
Hi All, 

In itemsimilarity metod tere is a parameter like:

--maxPrefs (-mppu) maxPrefs                               max number of
                                                          preferences to
                                                          consider per user or
                                                          item, users or items
                                                          with more preferences
                                                          will be sampled down
                                                          (default: 500)

How does it work exactly?
If I have 5 mln users and 5000 items and I run itemsimilarity with default maxPrefs, it consider
only 500 ranks from those 5 mln or what? Is it sampling? What can I do to force calculation
for all input data? 

			M1   M2   M3 .... M5000

What does mean "or" in definition:
"max number of preferences to consider per user or item"

Thx in advance
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