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From Argi <>
Subject Problem when running Mahout demo (Twenty Newsgroups Classification Example)
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2014 09:58:11 GMT
Hello! I am very new to Mahout and since 3-4 days I am trying to install 
Mahout on Ubuntu 10.04 and running an understandable example with it! I 
managed to install Mahout properly (version 0.9), but I have a problem when I 
run the Twenty Newsgroups Classification Example 

More specifically, in my terminal it is shown the following error:

ok. You chose 1 and we'll use cnaivebayes
creating work directory at /tmp/mahout-work-iro
+ echo 'Preparing 20newsgroups data'
Preparing 20newsgroups data
+ rm -rf /tmp/mahout-work-iro/20news-all
+ mkdir /tmp/mahout-work-iro/20news-all
+ cp -R '/tmp/mahout-work-iro/20news-bydate/*/*' /tmp/mahout-work-iro/20news-
cp: cannot stat `/tmp/mahout-work-iro/20news-bydate/*/*': No such file or 

Any ideas what should be done in order to solve this problem? I have tried so 
much to find a solution, but with no success :(

Thanks a lot,

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