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From SriSatish Ambati <>
Subject Re: Solr+Mahout Recommender Demo Site
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2014 18:59:19 GMT
It's quite good. Sri

On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:26 AM, Pat Ferrel <> wrote:

> After having integrated several versions of the Mahout and Myrrix
> recommenders at fairly large scale. I was interested in solving three
> problems that these did not directly provide for:
> 1) realtime queries for recs using data not yet incorporated into the
> training set. Myrrix allows this but Mahout using the hadoop mr version
> does not.
> 2) cross-recommendations from two or more action types (say purchase and
> detail-view)
> 3) blending metadata and user preference data to return recs (for example
> category & user preferences => recs)
> Using Solr + Mahout provided an amazingly flexible and performant way to
> do this. Ted wrote about his experience with this basic approach in his
> recent book. Take user preferences, run them through RowSimilarityJob and
> you get an item by item similarity Matrix. This is the core of an
> item-based cooccurrence recommender. If you take the similarity matrix, and
> convert it into a list of tokens per row, you have something Solr can
> index. If you then use a user's history as a query on the indexed data you
> get an ordered list of recommendations.
> When I set out to do #1 and #3 the need for CF data AND metadata was the
> first problem. So I mined the web for video reviews and video metadata.
> Then logging any users who visit the site will lead to data for #2 and #1.
> The demo site is and instructions are at the
> end of this for anyone who would like to test it out. As a crude user test
> there is a procedure we ask you to follow to help gather quality of
> recommendations data. It's running out of my closet over Comcast so if it's
> down I may have tripped over a cord, sorry try again later.
> There are a bunch of different methods for making recs illustrated on the
> site. One method that illustrates blending metadata uses preference data
> from you, and metadata to bias and filter recs. Imagine that you have
> trained the system with your preferences by making some video picks. Now
> imagine you'd like to get recommendations for Comedies from Neflix based on
> your previous video preferences. This is done with a single Solr query on
> indexed video fields that hold genre, similar videos (from the similarity
> matrix), and sources. The query finds similar videos to the ones you have
> liked, with the genre "Comedy" boosted by some amount, but only those that
> have at least one source = "Netflix".
> I'll be doing some blog posts covering the specifics of how each rec type
> is done, the site and DB architecture, and Solr setup.
> The project uses the Solr recommender prep code here:
> BTW I plan to publish obfuscated usage data in the github repo.
> begin form letter =======================================
> Please use a very newly updated browser (latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari,
> and nothing older than IE10) the site doesn't yet check browser
> compatibility but relies on HTML5 and CSS3 rather heavily.
> 1) go to to create an account
> 2) go to to 'train' the recommender
> hit thumbs up on videos you like. There are 20 pages of training videos,
> you can leave at any time but if you can go through them all it would be
> appreciated.
> 3) go to to immediately get
> personalized recs from your training data. If you completed the trainer
> check the top line of recs, count how many are videos you liked or would
> like to see. Scroll right or left to see a total of 24 in four batches of
> 6. If you could report to me the total you thought were good recs it would
> be greatly appreciated.
> 4) browse videos by various criteria here:
> These are not recommendations, they
> are simply a catalog.
> 5) control how you browse videos by clicking the gears icon. You can set
> all videos to be from one or more sources here. If you choose Netflix alone
> (don't forget to uncheck 'all') then recs and browsed videos will all be
> available on Netflix.

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