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From Guy Ernest <>
Subject Exporting Mahout model output as Weka input
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 21:09:16 GMT
I would like to use the output model of a Mahout decision tree
training process as the input model for a Weka based classifier.

As the training of a complex decision tree that is based on millions
of training records is almost impractical for a single node Weka
classifier, I would like to use Mahout to build the model, using for
example Random Forest Partial Implementation.

While the algorithm above can be problematic while training, it is
rather simple to use it for prediction with Weka on a single machine.

On Mahout wiki site it is stated that the data formats for import
include Weka ARFF format, but not for export.

Is it possible to use some of the existing implementations in Mahout
to train models that will be used in production with a simple Weka
based system?

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