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From "Darren Govoni" <>
Subject RE: Re: Re: Mahout + BigDataR Linux
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 17:17:54 GMT

Start with something like an Ubuntu LTS release. Work your magic on it. Then release the AMI
publicly for others to use. 

Mahout et. al. was born to run in a cloud environment anyway.

<br><br><br>------- Original Message -------
On 5/3/2012  12:06 PM Nicholas Kolegraff wrote:<br>Assumed this question was coming.
<br>I had given this a lot of thought.
<br>I have this crazy notion that nothing should ever be installed and
<br>bootstrapping is really annoying.
<br>I felt it was easier to just launch an AMI.....yet again, why not just
<br>repackage another image.
<br>The automated build nature of what I do requires me to repackage some lower
<br>level libraries so they can link easily and stably (is that a word?) across
<br>multiple packages.
<br>I also have some longer term objectives that will require me to have
<br>complete control over the kernel and packaging.
<br>It just seemed easier to start my own thing for this.
<br>Agree, this could prove insane.  If that is the case, it wouldn't be *too*
<br>hard for me to convert this to some package repo
<br>On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 9:53 AM, Darren Govoni <> wrote:
<br>> A distro would be good and if it was made into an Amazon Machine Image so
<br>> we can spin it up and use it _without_ having to install it, that's a good
<br>> thing too.
<br>> So the best approach is always both!
<br>> <br><br><br>------- Original Message -------
<br>> On 5/3/2012  11:42 AM Dan Brickley wrote:<br>On 3 May 2012 18:34, Ted
<br>> Dunning <> wrote:
<br>> <br>> Thanks for including Mahout.
<br>> <br>>
<br>> <br>> As a point of strategy, wouldn't have better to just build a
<br>> package
<br>> <br>> repository and a script for installing packages?  That would
<br>> people
<br>> <br>> to use their own debian or ubuntu based distros for their own
<br>> special needs
<br>> <br>> such as hardware virtualization or special kernel modules and
<br>> get the
<br>> <br>> benefits that you are offering.
<br>> <br>>
<br>> <br>> Otherwise, you are sentencing yourself to a life of hard labor
<br>> keeping up
<br>> <br>> with kernel updates and such.
<br>> <br>
<br>> <br>I was about to ask the same question... why a whole distro? Unless
<br>> <br>whole thing is a highly-tuned and unusual setup, some install scripts
<br>> <br>are often good enough.
<br>> <br>
<br>> <br>Dan
<br>> <br>
<br>> <br>

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