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From Dimitar Roustchev <>
Subject "Context-aware" recommendations redux
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 15:38:03 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to Mahout and actually only use a small subset of it yet,
namely Taste. I've already searched the mailing list archives about
"context-aware recommendations" and found one thread which is a year old,
hence this is a redux of sort.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to best incorporate contextual
information into Mahout/Taste recommenders. For the project I'm currently
working on, I use the fairly new MongoDBDataModel. The items I want to
recommend have a location associated to them in form or latitude and
longitude values. The MongoDBDataModel basically maps my collection to a
GenericDataModel with GenericPreferences. So I have no additional
information in the preferences anymore and would have to first look up the
ID used by the MongoDB collection from the long ID used by Mahout. and once
I have the ID, I would have to look up the item from the original MongoDB
In the existing thread on context-aware recommenders, Sean Owen suggested
to use IDRescorer. I'm not sure I understand the functionality of the
Rescorer completely, or at least how to best make use of it. As far as I
understand, it only modifies the preference value of an item. And further,
it does this while estimating the preference value of an item the user has
not already rated. So if I want to exclude items that are outside of a
certain radius of the user's current position, I would have to somehow get
the information for each item and hence would have many many request to the

Could one also use CandidateItemsStrategy in order to filter out items that
are to be excluded based on contextual information prior to estimating
preferences? This way, I could make use of geo-spatial queries MongoDB
supports and get the IDs of the items that are in a certain range and
translate them the Mahout internal IDs and only use these items for
collaborative filtering.
While writing this up, a downside pops up though. If I use the
CandidateItemsStrategy, the items excluded, would also not be used for
calculating similar users, right?

I would really appreciate some input on this, any thoughts, ideas, concerns
are highly welcome.



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