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From Tan Shern Shiou <>
Subject Re: Using Brisk with Mahout
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2011 17:31:01 GMT
Thanks a lot Sean.

Yeah I am contemplating to choose the right technology as my 
recommendation engine is scaling up. It is not working well with my 
FileDataModel now. If using hadoop alone can help, then I will go for 
the most natural way.

Another question can I use the taste-web along with Hadoop only?


On 27/11/2011 1:25 AM, Sean Owen wrote:
> I haven't used Brisk, but doubt there would be any real difference for
> your use case. Hadoop's integration with Cassandra is fairly light and
> arms-length, so the details of the Cassandra distro behind it ought
> not matter too much.
> Cassandra isn't the most natural choice as a Hadoop data store, but it
> can be made to work. If you're choosing tools from scratch, just using
> HDFS as your data store is probably more natural.
> Mahout has virtually no direct relationship to Cassandra, so the same
> comments apply even more as regards Brisk vs vanilla Cassandra and
> Mahout. It should not matter much if at all.
> The only direct integration with Cassandra is in the non-distributed
> Recommender, where I cobbled together a CassandraDataModel for an
> article I wrote
> (
> Mahout doesn't use Cassandra directly when using Hadoop, but you can
> modify it to work with Cassandra as an InputFormat. Again,
> conveniently, I wrote about that recently for Acunu:
> Sean
> On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 5:13 PM, Tan Shern Shiou
> <>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am planning to use Mahout with Hadoop and Cassandra as datastore. I have
>> been reading about the goodness of using Brisk. Can we use Mahout with Brisk
>> as is from the package like how we implement it with Hadoop and Cassandra?
>> Whats the difference of using Brisk and a combination of Hadoop and
>> Cassandra?
>> thanks.

Best Regards,
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