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From Dan Brickley <>
Subject Re: Apache Mahout 0.5 released
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 09:23:16 GMT
On 2 June 2011 09:25, Sean Owen <> wrote:
> Apache Mahout has reached version 0.5. All developers are encouraged to
> begin using version 0.5, as again much has changed and been fixed since
> version 0.4. Many APIs have been changed, added or removed, and will
> continue before version 1.0. Highlights of version 0.5 include:
>   - Improved Lanczos solver: graceful restarts, better scalability
>   - LDA improvements: document-topic distribution output, graceful restarts
>   - Stochastic Singular Value Decomposition implementation
>   - Incremental SVD implementation
>   - Alternating Least Squares with Weighted Regularization collaborative
>   filtering implementation, both distributed and non-distributed
>   - SVDRecommender enhancements
>   - Initial work at merging clustering and classification infrastructure
>   - Better control over candidate item selection in item-based recommenders
>   - Significant removal of deprecated or dead code
>   - Many bug fixes, refactorings and other small improvements
> Changes in 0.5 are detailed in the release notes (
> )
> Downloads of all releases are available from Apache Mirrors (

Congratulations on shipping! Lots of hard work in there...

May I ask for more already? :) It seems there are quite a few
SVD-related pieces of Mahout now.

Just in this list we have mentions of the Lanczos solver; Stochastic
and Incremental SVD implementations; and the Taste SVDRecommender.

A few words on how they all fit together would go a long way.
Apologies if I've missed them.  I've tried tried Lanczos via Hadoop,
and SVDRecommender on a single machine, and they seem quite separate
components of Mahout. But if the family of SVD-related pieces is
growing, it would be great to have a summary for the Wiki: do they
share APIs, command line tools, ...?
or would be
a good home. I'm happy to wikify if people follow up in this thread
with the raw materials.



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