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From djn <>
Subject ItemSimilarityJob Cooccurrence Question
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 21:21:53 GMT
Regarding ItemSimilarityJob, it is my understanding that if there are two
input lines of the form &lt;user1, product1&gt; and &lt;user1, product2&gt;,
then that would constitute a co-occurrence between product1 and product2.

I've generated a large test dataset under this assumption, and it guarantees
that there will only be co-occurrences between pairs of product IDs that
I've predefined. I'm not using preference values and I'm setting
--booleanData true.

While the ItemSimilarityJob's output does include these predefined
co-occurrences, it also outputs a large number of co-occurrences (with small
co-occurrence counts) between products that are not co-occurring in the
input dataset. Can anyone provide some insight as to why this might be

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