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From Dan Brickley <>
Subject Re: Any visualization scripts for graphing DataModel stats?
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 16:24:07 GMT
On 28 March 2011 17:12, Ted Dunning <> wrote:

> The standard tool in the visualization community (besides R) is processing.
> I should have mentioned it before.  I haven't used it, but the gallery and
> simplicity seem to make for an easy on-ramp.

As a coding language, Processing is essentially Java repackaged so as not to
scare off arty people. Plus a bunch of nice APIs of course.

Rather impressively, this has been ported to run via Javascript in the
browser:  ...and there are already efforts at
hooking that version up with browser-based OpenGL aka WebGL.

Random aside: see for experiments in
offloading matrix processing to the graphics card, and for more serious news in this
direction; according to
will be a WebCL Javascript API to expose OpenCL functionality:
is also today announcing the formation of the WebCL™ working group to
explore defining a JavaScript binding to the Khronos OpenCL™ standard for
heterogeneous parallel computing.  WebCL creates the potential to harness
GPU and multi-core CPU parallel processing from a Web browser, enabling
significant acceleration of applications such as image and video processing
and advanced physics for WebGL games. ".

Other js dataviz: (protovis howto), ... and, aw... there's new
stuff every day. Oh and while I'm closing browser tabs, here's a book on R
and graphics:

Anyhow back to my original question. There seems some consensus that R is
amongst the most natural tools to use as  utility alongside Mahout. So my
little plea was to see whether anyone has some basic general R scripts to
contrib to the Mahout community for poking around Mahout Taste datamodel
files. Not rocket science, but a pity for everyone to reinvent those same



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