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From Daniel Mühlbachler <>
Subject Re: Taste-Web MySQLDataModel recommender example needed!
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 15:44:10 GMT
yep, I'm sorry for my bad way of expressing but I meant that. I give the 
connection details to my container through a ressource file and fetch a 
dataSource from there which will be given to my constructor/recommender. 
The point is that the fetched thing has a type and I meant that this 
type would be of the abstract class DataSource.

Am 16.02.2011 16:39, schrieb Sean Owen:
> No. You don't make any DataSource. Your container does, once you've
> configured it. You look it up with JNDI (or just use the constructor
> that takes the JNDI name -- the Mahout implementation will look it
> up.)
> There is no workaround here. It all works as intended, as-is. You do
> have to understand how to configure a J2EE container to use the output
> of taste-web, which is a J2EE .war file.
> 2011/2/16 Daniel Mühlbachler<>:
>> OK, so I must deploy my container a ressource file where all needed data is
>> specified to connect to my MySQL server/database. Then I make a dataSource
>> with an abstract type DataSource which is fetched via JNDI from my ressource
>> file (I don't know which type it has - e.g. MySQL/PostgreSQL/... because I'm
>> using an abstract type). This dataSource is given to my constructor and it
>> should work? (so, it's something like a "workaround" :D )
>> In fact, I can use the Maven Jetty WebServer too if am able to deploy a
>> valid ressource file and can include the MySQL Connector/J or I can make mvn
>> package in the taste-web folder and copy the war file to an other container
>> (e.g. Tomcat) to work with this file.

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