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From Shige Takeda <>
Subject Re: where i can set
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 17:02:40 GMT

Coincidentally I came across the same problem last week and found the 
cause is Seq2Sparse's main didn't use,String[]), 
which automatically feeds -D parameters into a configuration object, 
which is accessible by Configurable.getConf().

Also I see a lot of driver main functions, especially around 
clusterings, don't use,String[]) but,Too,String[]). A problem with the latter 
one is it doesn't consider the passed -D parameters.

See the difference in this javadoc.

FYI, a specific problem to me is is 
required when I run a job in the company's Hadoop cluster.

Btw, any correction/suggestion to my comment is welcome as I'm also 
learning codes since last month.

-- Shige Takeda

On 1/3/2011 8:27 PM, Jeff Eastman wrote:
> Seq2Sparse has this problem too? Not good. Users really need -D
> abilities there. How about you JIRA your patch and I will get it in?
> On 1/3/11 7:43 PM, Dmitriy Lyubimov wrote:
>> Jeff, i also have a similar patch for seq2sparse. Not sure if it makes a lot
>> of sense there since it is a composite job and i am not sure if
>> configuration is propagated to those. But i got it too if need be.
>> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Dmitriy Lyubimov<>   wrote:
>>> Resolved in mahout-574.
>>> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 3:49 PM, Jeff Eastman<>wrote:
>>>> Yes, it could indeed. See my previous email which shows the problem unique
>>>> to this class.
>>>> On 1/3/11 3:30 PM, Dmitriy Lyubimov wrote:
>>>>> Could it be because of SequenceFileFromDirectory is not an AbstractJob?

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