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From Stefano Bellasio <>
Subject Use of seqdirectory and seq2sparse to SVD
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 10:48:53 GMT
Hi, im trying to convert my grouplens dataset "ratings.dat" with seqdirectory and then seq2sparse,
but i had some problems:

1) seqdirectory and seq2sparse don't work if i don't add "-core" in my command line, without
this Mahout tell me that is unable to load class (why??)
2) when i run seqdirectory it creates "chunk-0", it's right?
3) then i run seq2sparse and i obtain a dir called "vectors" (my output dir) with a serie
of dir (tokenized-documents and so on).

My goal is to use SVD with Lanczos Solver to make recommendations with hadoop, and im looking
for a tool to convert my dataset, this procedure is right? Now, when i try to call SVD from
Mahout command line it say that i have no data under /vectors/tf-vectors/data 

Please give me a help ;) Thank you, regards
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