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From Matt Tanquary <>
Subject Interpreting Kmeans output
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 15:37:04 GMT
I was able to create clusters using mahout kmeans. Now, I use
clusterdump to get output and I see the basic results I expect:

> mahout clusterdump -s kmeans/output/clusters-1

CL-1{n=3 c=[19.667, 21.000] r=[1.700, 0.816]}
CL-4{n=2 c=[2.000, 2.500] r=[1.000, 0.500]}

Which seems to tell me that there are 2 clusters, with the 1st having
3 records and the 2nd having 2 records.

How do I determine which records fell in CL-1 and which fell in CL-4 ?


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