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From Tanton Gibbs <>
Subject Re: Best way to do a recommendation engine based on CLR (Click Through Rate)
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 08:02:55 GMT
> However one important lesson is that mapping associations to numbers
> in the 'wrong' way can significantly harm the result. For example, 1
> click is much much more significant than 0. 2 clicks is more
> significant than 1. But are 10 clicks 5 times stronger than 2?
> probably not. Maybe it's a favorite, but after "several" clicks the
> additional clicks mean little more.

Another thing to consider in this same vein is that 1 or 2 clicks on a
resource may indicate a very strong preference (if the topic is
generally unpopular) or it may indicate a very weak preference (if the
topic is highly popular).  You should consider how other users are
interacting with this and other similar resources to help determine

I'll also echo Ted's comment that clicks are just a proxy for user
satisfaction.  If you have a better way to measure satisfaction (such
as time spent with the resource, further interaction, etc...) then you
will end up with better recommendations.


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