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From "Alexander Hans" <>
Subject Re: Installing Mahout
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 15:44:49 GMT

> Now I know what is the problem but I do not know the solution yet -but I
> think it is a simple issue-
> the problem is that I have a french system in which the "." is replaced by
> ","
> look at this error message:

This should only be problematic with Strings. We've had this issue
multiple times when reading numbers from files. Depending on the locale
either a dot or comma is expected as delimiter.

> junit.framework.ComparisonFailure: format expected:<nm{n=0 m=[1[.100,
> 2.200,
> 3.300] sd=0.]75}> but was:<nm{n=0 m=[1[,100, 2,200, 3,300] sd=0,]75}>
> I do not know how to change this in linux

Either set the locale of your Linux system to something English (probably
not what you want, applications will speak English then etc.) or in your
Java program somewhere near the beginning call


This sets the locale to US.



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