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From Tamas Jambor <>
Subject Re: mapreduce memory issues
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 20:30:59 GMT
It might not be a reasonable expectation in general, but for this 
particular problem I think the amount of memory needed is unreasonable, 
since the same recommender without mapreduce is happy with much less memory.
I agree with you, I think the problem is how hadoop splits the task.

> Another problem is the expectation that a map-reduce should be happy with
> 500MB of memory.  I don't think that is a universally reasonable
> expectation.  The real expectation for scalable solutions should be that as
> the problem scales, cluster size is allowed to scale, but the size of
> individual cluster members does not increase.  It is reasonable to expect
> that if you scale up the problem, but not the number of nodes in the cluster
> that each node may need more and more memory.  It is also reasonable to
> expect that the base size of each node may be fairly hefty for some problems
> (as long as it doesn't increase if problemSize / clusterSize is held
> constant).

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