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From Jeff Eastman <>
Subject MAHOUT-236 Cluster Evaluation Tools?
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 22:10:39 GMT
Is anybody working on MAHOUT-236? To me it looks like the next logical 
step beyond generalizing the cluster dumper: improving on its summaries

Jeff Eastman wrote:
> Completing the ClusterDumper jira will allow for visual inspection of 
> the Dirichlet models and extracting some useful information thereof; 
> arguably not too useful with 1793-element vectors but this is also 
> true of kmeans clusters with 1793-element center vectors. With no 
> terminating conditions, selecting the particular iteration to inspect 
> is also an issue unique to Dirichlet. MAHOUT-236 has been around for a 
> while and, as Jake notes below, is really needed.

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