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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Re: New to Mahout with GSoC ambitions
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2010 12:20:03 GMT

>From a recommender perspective I can think of three worthwhile projects:

1. Combine the two co-occurrence-based distributed recommenders in the
code now. They take slightly different approaches. Ankur's working on
this but might give it over to a GSoC student. This is probably 1/2
the size of a proper GSoC project.

2. Add a fully distributed slope-one recommender. Part of the
computation is already distributed. Efficiently distributing the rest
is interesting. Also not so hard: I'd judge this is 1/2 a GSoC

3. Implement a probabilistic model-based recommender of any kind,
distributed or non-distributed. This is probably a whole GSoC project.

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 11:45 AM, RSJ <> wrote:
> Hey there,
> My name is Richard Just, I'm a final year BSc Applied Computer Science
> student at Reading University, UK, with a strong focus on programming.
> I'm just finishing up a term that included modules in Distributed
> Computing and Evolutionary Computation, which have been the greatest
> modules of my uni career by far. Between that, my love for open source
> and having read about the ASF, I'm really interested in taking part in
> GSoC with an ASF project, namely Mahout. I'm really taken by the ethos
> behind the ASF as a whole and I'm hoping that taking part in GSoC will
> be the start of my long term involvement with ASF projects.
> My main programming background is Java, and I did a 9 month placement
> programming in it for a non-profit organisation last year. From that
> placement I gained a love and appreciation for well commented, well
> documented code, while from my time at university I now have a passion
> for well designed code and the time it saves.
> With GSoC, I've read through the suggested Mahout projects so far, and I
> think implementing an algorithm is probably my best bet. I say that
> because I don't have much Mahout experience yet, but through multiple
> University modules I do have experience designing and implementing
> algorithms. With that in mind and given that there is already a
> Classifier proposal, I was thinking either a Cluster or Recommendation
> algorithm.
> I'd be very interested in hearing if there are any particular Clustering
> algorithms or particular elements of the top Netflix team solutions
> people would like to see implemented?
> Many thanks for reading this

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