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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: String clustering and other newbie questions
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 12:33:34 GMT

On Sep 1, 2009, at 5:06 AM, Juan Francisco Contreras Gaitan wrote:

> Ok, I see. Sorry for my unknowledge on these matters (I am going to  
> read all the documentation you gave me closely).
> But if I understood you well, and as far as I know, Mahout has its  
> own k-means implementation. Then, could I use it for my purposes  
> instead of DP like setup?

I think Ted was saying that DP is the only one that would work for  
what you described, but it's also possible we aren't understanding the  
problem right either.

Obviously, one of the things we as a project need to develop more is  
guidelines on which approaches work for which types of problems..


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