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From "Sandra Clover" <>
Subject Classify() method results anomoly - help!
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2009 12:47:09 GMT
Hi,    I'm using Mahout 0.1 for document classification (using the
distributed Bayesian Network)  and I'm getting some answers back.       I
have noticed 1 thing that is really bugging me. I'm wondering can you
help please:-
 Problem: Concernign the Classify() method there are 2 constructors in
the API. The first one returns just one answer (according to the API it
returns: "the single best category"). The second constructor says that
it: "return the top numResults, ranked by score" My problem is that I
have compared and contrasted the results in both techniques. I have
noticed that the single best category does not appear at *all* in the
range of categories given by the second contructor! Strange no? I would
of expected that it should come top of the list. I have gone to a value
of 20 deep in the numResults level and have not even see in the best
category.     Has anyone encountered this before? I would appreciate any
comments/suggestions/user-experience that you may like to share. Thanks,

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