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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Mahout in Mippin
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 12:20:20 GMT
>From time to time people have asked here where Mahout is used in
production -- in particular I have noticed questions about the
recommendation engine. I can add one more to the list of examples:
Mippin ( It's a mostly-UK-based news aggregator and
mobilizer. I was doing some actually unrelated biz dev work for them
this summer and figured out they were using Mahout to produce
recommended news sites. Happy surprise. So, I have extended my remit
to enhance the recommendation engine.

I've spent some time learning from how they use the system and have
(with their kind permission) added back enhancements that came from
this. Anyway, chalk that up as another instance of Mahout in the real
world, and, should anyone be pursuing a similar application, I (and
the source code) have now internalized some enhancements that help
this use case.


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