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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Backwards-incompatible change(s) to recommender engine
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 20:06:21 GMT
+1 from me, a happy Taste-at-large-scale user.

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----- Original Message ----
> From: Sean Owen <>
> To: Mahout User List <>
> Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 10:07:22 AM
> Subject: Backwards-incompatible change(s) to recommender engine
> I wanted to announce a change that could break some people who extend
> the recommender engine library. Actually, I am threatening to make one
> small change now, in anticipation of a couple larger changes.
> The change is:
> 1. "ID" values become Comparable instead of just Object. Example:
> User.getID() return value.
> This just makes sense, I hope. The only real requirement I have for
> keys is that they have an ordering, preferably a natural one. So this
> expresses it. Better than the way it is currently expressed:
> 2. Remove the generic type from classes like GenericUser, GenericItem.
> This type was bound as ">" so you could only
> use a comparable key with these classes anyway. But the associated
> interfaces, User and Item, did not carry this generic type since the
> type then spread virally throughout the code until it was a mess. Any
> component that touched a User or Item had to also express their
> generic type. Pretty soon you have DataModel<(user key type), (item
> key type)> and more, which doesn't make sense
> But it really didn't make sense to have this generic type and not put
> it in the interface declaration.
> This was causing messes in cloning User or Item objects meaningfully:
> something(Object itemID) {
>   if (itemID instanceof Long) {
>     return new GenericItem((Long) itemID), ...);
>   } else if (itemID instanceof Integer) {
>    ...
>   } ...
> }
> I think this only affects people that have extended the components or
> integrated more deeply than just calling the components as-is. That
> is, if you're already making calls like recommend("3595", 20) then
> nothing changes.
> The deeper change I've been threatening for a while is to remove the
> User and Item abstractions entirely. It's a big change, but removing
> these objects and dealing only in IDs simplifies things, and improves
> memory and speed notably. Forcing instantiation of these objects is a
> problem in several places. That change I'm still contemplating since
> it's big... but, this change will actually make it somewhat easier.
> Soliciting thoughts before I pull the trigger.
> Sean

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