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From "Patterson, Josh" <>
Subject RE: ApacheCon
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 18:59:34 GMT
I talked to my boss about attending this and there is a good chance I
(or we) will be there. I work for TVA, a large power generation and
distribution company that houses PMU data for the eastern half of the
"smartgrid" (I quotation that term cause its about as general as "cloud"
computing now) on behalf of the NERC. I would really like to meet people
in the mahout and hadoop community and just brainstorm on ways to data
mine our massive amounts of time series data, as well as meet people in
the community. I'm also looking at ways to generate indexes on power
signal "anomolies", so we're examining index construction techniques
(using hadoop) in a variety of fields in order to perform similarity
queries, kDD, etc, on the data. Hopefully we can make it out there and I
look forward to meeting more people in the mahout / lucene community.
Thanks for posting this.

Josh Patterson

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Subject: ApacheCon

We are having a discussion about Lucene  
related content for ApacheCon.  You may want to check it out and see

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