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From Andre Panisson <>
Subject Estimating detailed preferences
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:02:49 GMT
Hi Sean,
I have a doubt about estimating preferences with help of more  
information than only user and item ids. What if I have other  
information like date for example? I see that there is an  
implementation of DetailedPreference that provide an object container  
for this information, and I think it is simple to provide a dataModel  
with DetailedPreference as the base type of the preferences, and a  
Recommender that uses it to learn. But the problem is when I need to  
use the Recommender interface: it has a method  
estimatePreference(Object userID, Object itemID) where you can provide  
only user and item ids. I think it would be more straightforward to  
have a method estimatePreference(Preference pref), where the given  
Preference argument have only the preference value undefined. Then, in  
the method implementation, one could make casts and take all provided  
information. What you think?


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